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Revitalize your lawn with our expert lawn aeration and overseeding services, unlocking lush, resilient grass growth and vibrant, healthy landscapes. We offer comprehensive lawn aeration services in Plainfield, Avon, Brownsburg, Whitestown, Pittsboro, Zionville, and Lizton, ensuring your outdoor space thrives every season.


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Aerating offers several benefits for the health and vitality of your lawn.

Enhance Water Absorption

Aerating helps water penetrate the soil more effectively. Enhanced water absorption means better hydration for grass roots, leading to improved drought resistance and overall resilience to environmental stress.

Reduced Thatch Buildup

Thatch is a layer of dead grass, roots, and other organic matter that accumulates on the surface of the soil. Aerating helps to break up thatch and encourages its decomposition, preventing it from becoming a problem.

Improved Root Growth

Perhaps the most significant benefit of aerating is the promotion of deeper and stronger root growth. Aerating encourages deeper root growth, anchoring the grass more securely and making it more resilient to drought, disease, and more.

Improved Air Exchange

Aerating the soil allows for better air exchange between the soil and the atmosphere. Improved air exchange promotes healthier root growth and overall plant health. Improved air exchange promotes healthier root growth and overall plant health.

Lawn Aeration

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We perform many lawn aerations a year and have the knowledge and experience to assess your lawn's specific needs.

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We tailor our aeration approach to suit your lawn's specific requirements.


You simply schedule the lawn aeration service and let us take care of your lawn while you focus on other priorities.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Are you curious about our Lawn Aeration services? Check out our FAQs for quick answers to common questions and a sneak peek into how we can transform your lawn into a green masterpiece space!

Lawn aeration is the process of perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grassroots. This helps alleviate soil compaction, improves root growth, and enhances overall lawn health.

The best time to aerate depends on the type of grass you have. For cool-season grasses like fescue and bluegrass, early fall or early spring is ideal. For warm-season grasses like Bermuda and zoysia, late spring or early summer is preferable.

Signs that your lawn may need aeration include compacted soil, pooling water after rain, thin or patchy grass growth, and difficulty inserting a screwdriver into the soil.

Aeration frequency depends on factors such as soil type, lawn usage, and climate. Typically, aerating once a year is sufficient for most lawns, but heavily trafficked or compacted areas may benefit from more frequent aeration.

After aerating, consider overseeding to fill in any bare patches and apply a top dressing of compost or sand to improve soil structure. Keep the lawn well-watered and avoid heavy foot traffic for a few weeks to allow for recovery.

Aerating your lawn can be a DIY task if you have the right tools and equipment. However, for most lawns, hiring a professional lawn care service is advised.

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